2024 Money Island guest policy

First time visitors:

  • text Tony at 856-447-3576 with your name and email address
  • respond to the guest invitation by signing waiver of liability and sending ID

All visitors:

  • financially support Baysave at https://baysave.org/donate. No set level is required for guest purposes.
  • Text Tony at 856-447-3576 before each visit, every visit, or risk paying security call fee.

This policy only applies to the properties under my management. It does not apply, of course, to public properties or other privately owned properties.


– The marina businesses is closed, probably until 2030.

– The current use of the former marina property is now my residence and home-based business only.

– Various colleges, state government, licensees and other businesses continue to be permitted to use the property the same as before.

– I want to allow access by other visitors in support of our personal values of good stewardship. However, we can only do this if it only if this is safe and sustainable.


1. Control liability – Marinas and waterways are inherently dangerous. The current condition during reconstruction makes it more dangerous. There is no broad-form liability insurance on the property. The agreement must protect me and others from liability associated with use of the properties. This will be accomplished through a written waiver of liability agreement, digitally signed, with the agreement professionally and securely maintained.
2. Identify users – in the event of an accident, we want to be able help officials identify and locate people. This will be accomplished with the one time upload of a driver’s license.
3. Financial support – Baysave incurs significant costs for allowing guests on the property that is otherwise used for specific non-public programs. Guest privileges are intended for donors to BaySave and the affiliates of other businesses or organizations contracted to do business here. BaySave will develop different levels of financial incentives and ‘thank you’ programs for donations. This donation management program will be handled separately and outside of the guest management program. No specific level of financial support is pre-established as a requisite to the guest program.
4. Privacy and security of personal information – Data is maintained on a secure document portal system.
5. Physical security of property – We use several overlapping remote security monitoring systems and anticipate expanding these as technology continues to evolve. We believe that Money Island now has the most advanced security system compared to any other remote marina community.
6. Communications – will be handled in English language through text message directly by Tony.

Attestations required of guests:

– Agree to follow guest policy
– Agree to notify Tony by text before each visit.
– Agree to assume all risk and hold us harmless
– Agree to follow laws and fish and game regulations
– Agree to be responsible for security costs if not following the quest policy

How to gain Money Island guest privileges:

Text Tony Novak at (856) 447-3576 (Money Island office) in advance of your planned visit. Expect a response within one business day.