My ideal client

This exercise in developing “my ideal client” profile is part of a business plan development program.

My Ideal client is female, age 45 to 55, with a master’s degree, married, adult children, with a small private professional office and a few employees in the Philadelphia area. She tends to be focused on her business activity more than personal finances. She has minimal online activity but open to utilize online tools for financial planning and money management. She is outwardly confident, focused on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and expect to live a long healthy life. She is afraid of not having enough money to live comfortably in old age, and needs someone who completes and builds confidence in their financial planning. She is happiest knowing that our work will save on current income taxes. Her spouse is happiest knowing that “someone is at the helm” when it comes to managing their long term finances. They appreciate their current career success and want to lock it the financial benefits for their future. She has used accountants and financial advisers before but the relationship withered. We will target roughly one and a half percent of their joint income on my services and expect at least a 300% tangible return on that investment. We plan to talk monthly and meet quarterly.


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