Only three things in marketing

Yesterday I heard a bright young businessman quip that “There are only three things in marketing: Free, Sex, and You Can’t Have It”. It got me thinking. The fact is that for years of writing about health care reform, I’ve been covering “you can’t have it”. For the past four years, most of my work has focused on the roadblocks, shortcomings,work-arounds, etc. of the Affordable Care Act.

Now I’m going to start looking at the “free” aspect. The fact is that there are about 6 million Americans looking for way to cash in on their new government-paid health coverage and up to another 50 million looking for ways to continue to receive medical care even though they are not yet covered under the Obamacare system. That’s a big potential audience. A few of them might even be on the Internet looking for useful information or something other than cat videos.

So starting today, I’m writing about “free”. See We’ll see how it goes.

If that doesn’t spike readership, maybe I’ll even consider the third marketing option: “sex”. I hate to even think about how that might work out. Maybe the big-budget creative marketers for will have this tricky aspect figured out by then.


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