My QuickBooks ProAdvisor certification for 2016

QB ProAdvisor

I just completed the 2016 re-certification for QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor. It was a 4 hour webinar on Sunday, then 5 self-study modules that take about 6 hours, then 5 online exams of 15 questions each, The five tests were easier this year than last year because I had taken some years off from the certification work prior. Intuit now it requires annual retesting for ProAdvisors. That makes sense, considering the rapid rate of change in technologies.

It occurs to me that most QuickBook users (including me) don’t use 10% of its features. One friend, a non-accountant, wrote to me yesterday saying that she may be pushing the program’s limits. It is hard to imagine a small business doing that.

One think I will be doing differently this year is asking for client reviews at The online listing has no traffic and no user reviews yet.

QuickBooks remains the #1 small business accounting system with overwhelming market share probably more than all others combined. I am also trained in FreshBooks, Xero and Vend but most clients (probably 8 out of 10) use QuickBooks. Some may be unaware that the company (Intuit) has shifted emphasis away from developing accounting software per se and now focuses on delivering an online platform upon which accountants and small businesses can operate and integrate with other software and business functions.

QB ProAdvisor 2106 certificate


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