My social media experience in 2023

A summary of my own social media experience in 2023:
1) Twitter has degenerated to a cesspool. I use it only to read comments from one specific small group of tax professional users.
2) Facebook is blocking exposure of my posts on certain topics , especially the role of social media in politics.
3) My star is rising on LinkedIn in terms of readership and exposure numbers. Yet there is little engagement to content and no known connection to physical world results. Yet I have indication that my work there is having influence in public policy in matters of sustainability and that some policymakers read it.
4) Mastodon is the best thing that’s happened to me in terms of learning, being exposed to positive people, and constructive new ideas. The strong independent and self-governing structure seems ideal. Nothing else compares with the positive features. Yet almost nobody I know in physical personal or business life uses it.
5) I avoid TikTok as a security concern, find Threads unattractive, and haven’t gotten into Instagram.