New consumer credit score system exposes much more of your finances

This may the ultimate ‘big brother’ that we have long feared. Long ago I concluded that it makes sense to live as if nothing is private and confidential, since eventually it will not be. CoreLogic seems to add even more proof to that argument.


This week, a company called CoreLogic introduced a new type of credit file, which is based on the giant repository of consumer data it maintains on just about everything that most of the traditional credit bureaus do not: missed rental payments that have gone into collection, any evictions or child support judgments, as well as any applications for payday loans, along with your repayment history.

The new report also includes any property tax liens and whether you’ve fallen behind on your homeowner’s association dues. It may reflect that you now owe more than your house is worth or if you own any other real estate properties outright. It also is supposed to catch mortgages made by smaller lenders that the big credit bureaus may have missed.

CoreLogic’s New Credit Score Exposes Even More of Your Financial Life –


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