Asked of NJBIA: “Can you help my family turn this nightmare into just a bad dream?!”

Following is an except from the beginning of a fund drive email from the New Jersey Brain Injury Asscociation. I thought it was especially well written and effective in addressing the intangible issues surrounding mild traumatic brain injury so I reproduced it here:

“Can you help my family turn this nightmare into just a bad dream….?!

We get asked that – perhaps not quite as profoundly – almost every day at the Brain Injury Association of New Jersey. Individuals who have sustained brain injuries – due to a car crash, a sports concussion, a blast injury, a fall – are faced with unimaginable life changes and don’t know what to do next. This “new normal” is frightening and unpredictable, but because of donors and friends like you, we have been able to provide help and hope. Thank you.

People with brain injury don’t receive nearly the same services and resources as people with other disabilities. Too often people with brain injury are left behind, kept from returning to work, school, and home. But thanks to the generosity of people like you, the Association has been able continue its work this past year to ensure that people affected by brain injury have access to dedicated professionals and advocates, and vital resources and services.

I’ve been a supporter and a small donor in the past as funds allow. NJBIA is a well-run organization that gets meaningful results for people in a difficult arena.


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