Enom central price increase

This is a reprint of an email received from enom central announcing a Web site registration renewal price increase from $15 to $39.95 per domain:

Valued Customer,  

This is a follow up to the notification sent on 10/19/2011.  

In July 2011, eNomCentral was notified by VeriSign that it plans to raise the cost for their respective domain extensions on January 15, 2012. As with previous VeriSign price increases, eNomCentral must adjust our pricing such that we can absorb the increased costs for reselling VeriSign’s domains.  Historically, eNomCentral has always been resistant to raising our prices. Our goal has always been to provide domain name and value-added services at competitive rates. Unfortunately, based on this announcement from VeriSign, eNomCentral must modify our pricing to address the increased cost of reselling these VeriSign domains.  

Effective January 14, 2012 your new domain pricing will be:  New Price: $39.95  

If you have any questions, please contact us at +1(425)974-4689 or customercare@enom.com.  


eNomCentral Support Team


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