NJ election campaign committee no fee banking services


This page is meant for candidates for political office who elect to use my no fee services as a volunteer campaign committee treasurer. This is not meant for candidates who pay for services. (If you are paying for campaign banking services then you can design banking services however you want). The service is designed to meet the minimum requirements of the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission (NJELEC).


The New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission (NJELEC) establishes multiple requirements for candidates. One of those requirements is the establishment of of a depository (bank account) that meets state requirements. All candidates who have financial campaign activity are required to establish a bank account.

My role
I have a long history of supporting progressive political candidates who want to try to make a positive change. I am certified as a New Jersey campaign treasurer and sometimes offer this service free of charge. This free service is intended to meet minimal state requirements at the lowest possible cost.

Your responsibilities

  • forward all contributions (including your own money that you plan to spend on the campaign)
  • request a reimbursement for campaign expenses
  • (optional) submit a copy of receipts

My responsibilities

  • obtain an EIN for the election campaign committee
  • open the bank account
  • show you (and other authorized people) statements of balance and activity
  • promptly deposit any contributions
  • promptly pay any reimbursements
  • keep copies of expense receipts that you submit for recordkeeping
  • file a financial report with NJELEC as required.

Limitations of the service

  • I choose a depository that is convenient to me (you don’t get to choose your own bank).
  • I open the account and may make
  • All transactions are electronic (usually ETF). No paper checks are used. Normally no cash is handled.
  • The intent is simple: deposit all contributions and withdraw all reimbursed campaign expenses.
  • This service is provided under an engagement agreement that is the same as used with any other accounting client. The agreement provides many details of the service not listed here.

Practical considerations

  • all services are meant to be completed via text message and/or smartphone apps
  • a secure document transport portal is available at your request

Simple example of campaign banking activity

Suppose your campaign consists solely of yard signs that cost $550. You paid for the signs yourself on your personal credit card. The NJELEC wants to see the transaction run through the depository. You deposit $550 to the bank account at a later date and I reimburse you $550. Then I file the NJELEC report at the end of the campaign. It could be as simple as that!