Online trends for my small business

I periodically review web traffic and related trends for my small business. This is what I see today:

  • Two out of three web site visitors are still desktop/Chrome/Windows users. The second largest group (about 15%) are iphone/iOS/Apple Mac users.
  • Three out of four web site visitors come from links, mostly my own social media. One in four visitors comes from organic Google searches.
  • Views of Facebook individual posts continues to decline (some get no views) yet all of my online engagement that has/could reasonably lead to traditional business development comes from Facebook. I suspect this is because of the informal ‘real person’ platform.
  • Views of LinkedIn posts continues to increase but I have no engagement that has/could reasonably lead to traditional business development. I suspect this is because most of the 1,200 followers are other accountants or people in similar roles.
  • Instagram and Twitter appear to remain insignificant to my business despite more effort placed in them. My most popular Tweet ever pulled almost 2,000 likes and 2,500 engagements this week but it was political, not business.
  • I continue to experiment with Facebook paid advertising for lead generation, but still without results.
  • I see no connection between traffic/engagement/followers to sales/revenue/customers. That disturbs me as an accountant but the rest of the business world tells me to not worry about it.


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