painting the cabin

Note added January 7, 2017: I was recovering from a head injury at the time of this post and living alone to minimize sensory and emotional input. Writing, including blogs, was an important part of my rehabilitation. In retrospect, it was a smart strategy that aided my recovery. The photo was taken by former neighbor Trish Pew. Trish and her former husband Tom, a waterman, were great friends and a blessing to me then. Now both Trish’s home (the deck in this photo) and their marriage are gone, IMO, a direct result of dramatic environmental change over the past decade. We have a new seawall installed in 2016 directly behind the sand dune now.  I leave the post up because it may have value to those trying to understand the complex subject of traumatic brain injury recovery.


I decided to paint the cabin while at Money Island this month. Rushing to get the job done before sundown this day really showed, at least on me. Neighbor Joe walked over to talk with me and offer pointers as I painted. Neighbor Trish snapped this picture to show the kids. The result was well worth the effort and the cabin looks great.


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