Post-Halloween party

Note added January 7, 2017: I was recovering from a head injury at the time of this post and living alone to minimize sensory and emotional input. Writing, including blogs, was an important part of my rehabilitation. In retrospect, it was a smart strategy that aided my recovery. This outing to a friend’s halloween party was one of the first and only social events of that season. Going out was physically and mentally difficult. Many of the blog posts of that era are cleaned up for readability. I leave the post up because it may have value to those trying to understand the complex subject of traumatic brain injury recovery.

The post-halloween party was the first time Lori and I went out to a social function in a long while. She looked great. I won a trophy for “lamest costume”. My excuse was that I was the only heterosexual guy there at the party (their elaborate costumes were great) and I made my own costume from whatever was available at home.


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