parenting: balancing passion with leadership

a message to my son after a challenging event:

You might remember that I commented on this line from Professor Dumbledore when we saw “Harry Potter” together years ago: “It is not through our words that we show who we truly are, but through our actions.” Say what you want – emotional outbursts are a natural exhibit of passion and drive – but lead through your actions. You are truly a leader.

Someday in the future – no hurry – you may recognize that your effectiveness increases when you display the emotion and behavior that specifically complements the results you are trying to accomplish. In other words, you can accomplish more of your goals when you control your emotions rather than have them control you.

There’s nothing wrong with displaying “upset” or any other emotion just keep in mind it might be the most effective way to lead to the result you want. But as long as you lead by your actions; all will be well in the end.


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