In support of NJ Senate Bill 2293 “Securing Our Children’s Future Bond Act”

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I read two social media editorials by taxpayers encouraging voters to vote against Senate Bill 2293 known as the “Securing Our Children’s Future Bond Act“. This blog post is an editorial in support of the bill. My argument is broken down into a brief listing of the facts followed by four points of personal opinion. […]

Civil action as a family value

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The warm feelings shared today after the Women’s March, the world’s largest peaceful civil protest against government yesterday sparked a personal memory from 15 years ago. On one of our earliest trips to Washington DC with Josh, 8 and Arielle 5, and friend Greg (above) we visited the White House. But we didn’t go on the […]

Devastating impact of education costs

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I worked on two personal income tax returns yesterday that serve as examples to further underscore the need for education finance reform. As an adviser I see plenty of these examples in working class families, these two just happen to be the latest. I know that my peers in the tax preparation industry will see […]

The full burden of college debt is still unrecognized

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While only 17% of the U.S. population has earned an undergraduate college degree, education debt is a major economic drag on the country. Over our lifetime college tuition costs have risen much faster than the rate of a typical salary earner’s income. Government and news media now describe the current cost of college as “out of […]

The problem with private scholarships

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The burdensome application process combined with the financial aid ‘offset’ policy used by many universities undermines the value of small private scholarships. A number of small privately offered scholarships go unclaimed each year because of lack of qualified applicants. Students tell me it’s just not worth the effort to apply for them. I used to think […]