Parts of NJ are not ready for online legal notices

Today I sent this message to our NJ legislators.

I am writing to voice opposition to Senate Bill Number 2855 / Assembly Bill Number 4429, introduced December 12, 2016. This bill proposes to allow municipalities to save money by publishing public legal notices on web sites instead of more costly print methods. This in itself is not the problem. The problem is than in municipalities like mine (Downe Township) where residents do not have access to the internet, it is plainly unfair to allow the posting of important legal notices only on web sites.

You may be aware that I have been a loud voice for expansion of internet in our rural low-income communities. While your office has been supportive of this effort, the fact remains that we have been unsuccessful in our efforts to provide internet access to all residents. It is unfair to financially reward the municipalities now with lower publishing fees after they have consistently failed to require Comcast and Verizon to provide universal internet access in negotiating internet installation contracts.

I urge you to either reject the bill or to introduce an amendment that would prevent the website publishing rules from being effective in municipalities that do not yet have universal access to internet.

Someday we will all be able to benefit from the efficiencies of the internet. Until then, fair play dictates that we maintain traditional forms of communication on legal matters.

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