Personal reflection Sunday 11/13/2022:

For almost 30 years I focused my business activist efforts on addressing the widening gap in education, income, and wealth in my communities. I thought that I could be part of a thousand points of light as a columnist, educator, and adviser. It was a complete failure if we judge by the net result.

For the past 2 years I shifted priorities to focus on the serious risks posed by minority rule government. We see some limited success nationally but this is still a significant problem locally.

Elected leadership in my local communities remains out of sync from leadership of larger regional, statewide, national and international organizations. That hurts my efforts, my family and social life, and my businesses. Solutions are available but progress is agonizingly slow to evolve between the hostile factions. I wonder if I will live long enough to see meaningful change.

I survived years of death threats and even an assassination attempt by those who were losing power to retain their traditional way of life. Years of slow recovery from injuries took away from peak productivity. I still struggle to accept the impact of how this changed our lives. Family and friends interviewed in the biography said it was a mistake to refocus my efforts here in South Jersey. Still, here I am. As they say, ‘god willing and the crick don’t rise’, I’m here for the duration.

11/11/2022 Money Island NJ