Promotion for “My 2 Cents” Show

This is the script to the promotion of My 2 Cents Show that will launch soon on RVN Television. If you are willing to offer a short telephone interview to assist in the development of a show concept, I would very much appreciate that. We will discuss having you as a guest on a future show.

Each of us has two things to offer the world; Two types of decisions we make every day that together make up the impact our lives have on the world. I’m talking about: how we spend our time and how we spend our money.

Tune in to My 2 Cents, with me, Tony Novak, an activist CPA here in South Jersey, right here on RVN Television.

This show tackles the tough issues as we get into the stories of individuals who have allowed their passions, dreams and values set their course. I look forward to having you join us and become part of the conversation!