Re-examining my core value proposition

What is it that I do best? What key value do I bring to clients? What makes me different from others in a similar role? How do clients view me and my work? What is my core value proposition? These questions are all ways of getting at the same key concept. Today I updated the summary section of my profile on LinkedIn:

“Clients tell me that my strength is in explaining complex issues in a way that helps them reach important financial decisions. We focus on developing strategies to save on taxes, cut operating costs and ultimately put more away into investments – an approach called “strategic financial planning”. My work often focuses on using technology to help small business owners and professionals become more efficient and find ways to keep more of what they earn. A significant part of this work is collaborating with, reviewing and endorsing the services of others firms in the financial services sector.”

This change in wording is based on feedback from a few clients this past week. I had generally overlooked or undervalued these skills at explaining concepts in plain language and commenting/reviewing the proposals made by others. After thinking about it, I realize that the fact is that I do this well and many others tend to skip over it in their work.




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