Recognizing Black CPAs

Yesterday the Journal of Accountancy podcast focused on the journey and accomplishments of black CPAs in the 20th century, featuring the testimony of two CPAs who witnessed black CPA history firsthand: Ruth Harris, the first black female CPA in Virginia, and Frank Ross, one of the founders of the National Association of Black Accountants (NABA). Theresa Hammond, Ph.D., author of A White-Collar Profession: African American Certified Public Accountants Since 1921, adds historical context.

This podcast episode is associated with the Black CPA Centennial Campaign, a yearlong celebration and recognition of the impact of black CPAs upon the profession.

For me, this learning is just one more lesson in the recognition of the impact of systematic racism as a core theme of our American society both historically and in our lives today. Listening to the stories of the strength of those who endured it and thrived through it sends chills down my spine.