Relief from post-pandemic tax stress

One of the most important concepts in U.S. taxation today is the principle that the government cannot levy against taxpayer assets in the case of economic hardship. Never has this been more important than in this post-pandemic environment.

The IRS is dramatically increasing aggressive tax collection practices that, in many cases, are causing stress to people who owe money. Every expectation is that this stress tactic will be worse ahead. The IRS is focused on addressing fraud but people who are just having a difficult time are also caught up in the mew aggressive collection system.

If you are under this type of stress, then you need to know the law and the details of tax collection relief procedures. It is important to know the specific steps, in the correct order, to address and eliminate this stress. It helps to have someone on your side who knows how to effectively deal with IRS; this is not a ‘do it yourself’ situation.

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