Remember this night!

Remember this night. Tonight all 52 Republican Senators voted against letting anyone read the new tax code with its many previously unknown special interest amendments crammed in at the last minute and then freshly marked up with handwritten changes added by lobbyists before they required a vote on it. Shocking but true. When the details come out tomorrow about the shockingly greedy and corrupt last minute amendments snuck in to benefit a few favorite lobbyists will anyone argue that these 52 elected officials participated in an attempted financial rape of America?

Political speechwriter Joy Reid wrote “What you’re witnessing tonight in the United States Senate is the weaponization of pure, unmitigated greed. Lobbyists are writing the bill in pen at the last minute. And Republicans are no longer even pretending to care about anyone but the super rich. What a shameful night.”

Of course there will be even worse consequences ahead. When the Democrats retake control of Congress (suddenly now apparently likely in 2018) they will be even more ruthless in disregarding any sense of fairness or ethics. We will see unhealthy and unchecked swing in the other direction.

Today was already a dark day for the country with the Flynn confession, Tonight’s news is even more devastating. Am I being overly dramatic in predicting this is the death sentence for the Republican party?


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