Reviewing my Vision Statement for 2017

At the beginning of each month and year I write out a “Vision for ___”. I normally don’t make these public but a business adviser challenged m to review this with an accountability partner. I don’t have an accountability partner so I summarized the work here. (I’m sure that a new accountability partner should be on my vision statement for 2018!)

In retrospect, I think that my vision for the year was set at a low expectation benchmark. I was feeling pretty bad about a world that had just deliberately elected Donald Trump as one of its leaders. I felt pretty good about the prospects of the seafood business that actually took some heavy blows and did not recover yet by year end 2017. Last year’s vision was pretty much a statement of my intent to get back to solid ground in my understanding of the world. 2017 was a hard-learned lesson of asking myself “How did that happen?”. I now know that I know very little of the world, the people around me, friends and even my own family. Most of the economic principles that I learned and embraced as a business student have been proven wrong (the stock market continues to rise beyond what I thought was possible this year). Other things surprise me almost every day. Yet even in this environment of uncertainty, strong personal growth is available in 2018.


(Set back in late December 2016)


1)Set a positive environment. GOOD PROGRESS ON ALL

Be around positive people.
Step out of my comfort zone and go on more adventures
Connect with people and learn new things


2) Increase business effectiveness and income through increased communication.

Dramatically increase the number of calls using my headset. DID NOT HAPPEN.
Participate in more group activities both hangouts and in person MINIMAL INCREASE
Involve more potential investors in BaySave and the marina  DID NOT HAPPEN. In fact, I lost two key investors due to personal reasons.


3) Stick with simple methods to improve health. GOOD PROGRESS ON ALL

Nap more often.
Must lose weight. Get to 200 from 215. Good until this past week!
Occasionally skip meals.
Gym/Treadmill/Walk almost every day. (except for illnesses and days with morning to night bookings)


4) Plan for continued education.  GOOD PROGRESS ON ALL

CPE courses
I books (actually now Amazon)
QuickBooks and Xero training  (not Xero)


5) Improve relationships.

Go to movies with Lori. DID NOT HAPPEN.  (I still have a few days).


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