Rules for Tax Season

I know that I can limit stress to a manageable level and provide a better service to my clients this coming tax season if I follow a few simple rules:

  1. Filter out price-sensitive people. Don’t engage with any person who asks about price in the first two sentences of their approach. For example, an acceptable approach would be: “This is ___. I have a small business ___. I heard about you from ___. I wonder how much you would charge to ___”, vs. an unacceptable approach: “I have a simple tax return. I’m calling around to find out how much you charge…”. I must actively listen for price sensitivity.
  2. Be efficient. Get an engagement agreement out fast by email and make it clear that work is scheduled “first come first served”.
  3. Maintain communications and be blunt. Communicate more frequently in short messages via text, phone and email. More short messages are better than a few long communications. Communicate my schedule. Don’t overpromise.
  4. Don’t under price. Aim for a middle-of-the-market pricing strategy with 1 tax client for every 3 offers made.

Tax business is challenging in that many do not recognize the serious nature of risks until it is too late. I can help address that risk, but only for people who recognize the issue to begin with.


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