Simple and Basic PC Care Tips

Our household had a lot of time-consuming PC problems this past month. Everone who has a PC should take these five basic precautions and parents have to do it for their kids’ machines or face dealing with the consequences:

1. Have an up-to-date anti-virus system. ESET has been flawlesshas been flawless system. ESET has been flawless at a subscription cost of about $50 per year.
2.  If you have data or want to save your browsing favorites, passwords or history, have a live online backup system. Carbonite is the best at a subscription cost of about $50 per year. It saves all of your data online every day.
3. Have a USB thumb drive system restore disk. USBs are more durable and portable than CDs or DVDs. Windows 7 makes it easy; just search for instructions for “system restore dick” or ask me to help make one if you don’t have it already.
4. If you have long term data files like personal photos or music, have a data backup disk. Windows 7 does backups automatically; all you have to do is supply a drive. Good choices are a USB thumb drive, a media card (like those used in phones or cameras), or a portable hard drive (best if you have music or video to back up). All of these are cheap, ranging from $20 to $100.
5. Manually review, tune-up and clean up your PC every few months or sooner if performance slows down. Check for unwanted programs in the startup process (using Task Manager), pending updates that are not installed (Using Windows Update and check the notification icons) and remove extra junk that slow down the PC (using Disk Cleanup).


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