Six things I can’t believe that you are not using yet

As we end the decade, I look around with amazement at the general lack of regard for online security. I don’t know if people don’t know the risks, underestimate the risks, object to the cost, simply don’t care, or possibly there is some other reason. I would have presumed that most people would have adopted these protections already.

These are six things I can’t believe you’re not using yet, especially if you conduct online business:

  1. Safe password protocol (a secure password manager and unique randomly generated passwords for each account, changed periodically)
  2. VPN (from an independently verified safe source; I use
  3. Secure browser (I use Brave and Duck Duck Go lately)
  4. Videocalls (Skype, FaceTime  or Zoom; I use all three)
  5. CRM (even if just to help professionals and small business people remember details)
  6. A privacy and security policy statement (if you are in business; mine is at

I see family and friends, clients and peers ignoring some or all of these. Clearly it’s not my business or my responsibility but perhaps just by ‘sounding the alarm’ might have some impact. I blog about online security along with other technology issues that affect small businesses. An index of related posts is available at


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