Small business disaster relief: What’s my next step

Self employed business owners want to know –

Should I apply for the SBA loan/grant program?
Is it really free money?
Will I be approved?
What will it cost to get my application approved?
What’s the maximum benefit I can receive?
If I apply, does that disqualify me for other financial assistance?
Could it be true that “I’m from the government and I’m here to help” or will I regret doing this?
What about state programs? Can I do both or do I need to choose one or the other?
Why does it feel like I am being ‘sold’ on one option over the others?

All are important questions. You deserve the right answers. It’s not just you, this really is complicated!

We are reviewing the 880 page federal legislation as well as the state program and will have some answers Tuesday. I am available to schedule a call. Just use the contact information on this page or the schedule a cal.


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