Round Two of Small Business Recovery

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Two months ago the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill called the “HEROS Act” that included financial resources to small businesses struggling to restart after the disruptive effects of pandemic shutdown. While the entire bill is not likely to become law because of objections by U.S. Republican Senators, the small business portions of that […]

Main Street Lending Isn’t Happening; What’s Next?

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News Update Two days ago I published a Q&A format summary of the new Main Street Lending Program, a potentially huge program that was authorized by Congress as part of the Cares Act. My writing ended with an optimistic position that the program might eventually be leveraged to finance trillions of dollars of loans across […]

Coronavirus Disaster Relief for Dummies

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The title of this post might imply that I’m spoofing on the popular book series. That’s not my intent. The title of this post refers to the amount of deliberate or just unformed false information spewed out in social media about disaster relief right now. A lot of the misinformation appears to be coming from […]

Small business disaster relief: What’s my next step

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Self employed business owners want to know – Should I apply for the SBA loan/grant program? Is it really free money? Will I be approved? What will it cost to get my application approved? What’s the maximum benefit I can receive? If I apply, does that disqualify me for other financial assistance? Could it be […]

Opportunity Zones vs Qualified Small Business Stock: Which is right approach to revitalize Cumberland County NJ?

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This blog post is meant as an introductory primer for community planners and local small business owners. Investors are encouraged to seek their own professional counsel. The Cumberland County Improvement Authority has a program planned for bankers and Realtors on May 3 that will discuss the local Opportunity Zones. Following the passage of the federal […]

What Does the Omnibus Spending Law Mean to Me?

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It is not possible to analyze a massive 2,232 page $1.3 Trillion dollar federal law within a matter of hours after its passage. (This is a terrible way to handle major legislation, but that shame on Ryan and crew is a whole different topic). Yet this new federal spending bill is likely to have more […]

Tough times ahead for US farmers

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The fundamental economics of the US agricultural industry are about to change. Few outside the industry seem to have noticed. Farmers, trade groups and business publications like Forbes and others are following the developing story with an increasing level of anxiety. The United States appears ready to move away from a trade agreement known as […]

Chase Bank is not affiliated with Freedom Benefits

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I am responding to a telephone caller who presumed that my trademarked business name Freedom Benefits was associated with a credit card program apparently offered by Chase Bank. Over the years I’ve received a number of calls from consumers and even one from the FBI years ago investigating consumer reports of someone using the name in an […]

The benefits of Kickstarter

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Wharton Professor Ethan Mollick  explored the impact of Kickstarter through a large email survey designed to document the impact of  Kickstarter crowdfunded projects. Kickstarter has received some bad publicity lately in stories that allege that 1 in 3 of the platform’s backers never receive the benefit promised by successful project sponsors. Since its launch, Kickstarter has […]

Update on crowdfunding legislation for July 2016

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I’ve written often that the world of crowdfunding is evolving at a rapid pace. references to other recent news is built into my new crowdfunding bibliography published yesterday. This month that evolution continued as the U.S House of Representatives passed two bills designed to make it easier for businesses to raise money through crowdfunding. I feel […]