Social media tips

I was a guest at BEN South Jersey today where Tammy Collins was the impressive speaker with an excellent list of social media tips:
1 Understand the platform you are using and what the platform user wants there.
2 Don’t post and ghost. Stoke the algorithms by interacting with other users to keep more engagement n the platform which makes the platform reward you with more exposure.
3 What is in it for me? Focus on sharing what value you add to THEIR life. Don’t broadcast to everyone with what you want to talk about. Target a niche market with targeted efforts and lead with what your target market wants to see.
4 Social media is not your personal billboard. It is not attractive to anyone, much less your target market.
5 “Give to Get” Demonstrate your expertise to your prospects, your referral partners, your network and to the public at large. Attract the right clients/buyers to you and your business with creative story telling content how you started show what you do helps your prospect’s problems.
6 Be authentic and vulnerable. Stay on message with your branding and be a real person not a façade behind a logo.
7 Is about time and consistency. Yes, you could block off a small amount of time every day.
8 Take them to Pleasure Island. Ow you are positioned in your prospect’s eye.
9 Be social. Link your web site and contact info on your social media profile. Social media is your new business card.
10 Stop copying. Find something you want to talk about.
11 Mix up your post style
12 Create a variety of rich media to publish
13Get reviews. This is the most important thing you can do.
15 Engage – Engage – Engage
16 Emphasize quality over quantity

I am considering regular membership in this group. So far, it seems promising.