Spying on Amercians pays off with arrest of two Chesapeake watermen

Those who feared that expansion of surveillance for national security reasons would eventually cross legal boundaries and be used in other law enforcement now have tangible proof. CBS Baltimore reports that Homeland Security cameras and radar systems were used to arrest two oyster poachers in the Chesapeake Bay. It’s now only a short legal jump to use the same homeland security cameras and radar systems to monitor the movement of Americans who might be engaged in other illegal activities like jaywalking, speeding, or perhaps travelling to visit a mistress to engage in other unlawful passionate crime. What crimes would Homeland Security’s cameras be most likely to catch you committing? I’m not saying that law enforcement is not a legitimate goal of federal resources, and in fact I am a strong supporter of oyster poaching laws. But let’s be clear and honest in recognizing that this is the real impact of our government’s huge increase in spying on Americans.


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