Support for ADP clients

Many of us think of ADP as a payroll company, and for good reason. The company is the market share leader in payroll processing and handles 1 in 6 of all paychecks issued in the United States.

But in reality, ADP has transformed into a Human Resources management platform with over 100 specialized applications running from its online technology platform. The business model is very similar to Intuit that is the #1 market share leader in small business accounting but in reality primarily acts as a host for many smaller companies and services.

I am pleased to offer a range of support services for ADP clients including tax and employee benefit plan services. For example, I may be able to work with business management to reduce wage taxes and worker’s compensation costs. We might also be able to remotely manage flexible benefit employee health plans to increase employee satisfaction and improve the percentage of expense that goes directly into benefits that employees value most.

In many cases these services can be customized and offered at a lower fee than other available options. All you need to do is invite me to have secure online access to your ADP account. My software specifically designed for accountants allows me to analyze and work with a range of common small business requests easily and remotely.


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