The 2021 investment shakeup

After more than a decade of one-way intense focus in the stock market, investors are now changing strategies. We see more wisdom and opportunities in the broad investment asset reallocation than ever before. A number of clients are diversifying into asset these classes for the first time. These decisions have significant long term consequences on family finances and sometimes immediate consequences on taxes.

Simply put: there are more opportunities but also more extreme risks than ever before. You can only address the risks by taking action in advance. ‘Retroactive financial planning’ is not a thing despite how many clients ask for it.

My own specialization is small capitalization green investment funds with high community impact (I say “green ninja” as slang) but clients have chosen a much wider range of investment classes. Farmland, green infrastructure, tax liens, virtual currencies, foreign currencies, and more. Which asset classes deserve attention now? These deals are made through private placement, shareholder agreements, partnership, public and nonprofit crowdfunding. Which path is right for you? You can imagine that as an adviser I have seen tremendous successes and heartbreaking disasters. In fact, lately I see more cases of extreme results every week. I want you to be among the winners.

The one common thing that all these strategies share is the huge value of advance discussion and planning. Thinking about starting a discussions with a tax and financial adviser after-the-fact is already an indication of trouble. I invite you to schedule a short no obligation discussion on broad financial planning possibilities ahead, and whether more in-depth analysis will lead to better overall financial results. The most important thing is to do this now, not when you already have significant unplanned consequences that can’t be ‘undone’! Just go to my web site at and click the big blue box that says “Let’s Talk” to schedule time at your convenience. You’ll be glad that you took the time to give your financial planning the attention it deserves.