Political support policy for 2021 and 2022

I’ve been an advocate of written policies in aspects of financial management, whether investment policy, expense approval policy, charitable donations and more. This post is about my own political support policy for the next couple of years.

I’m probably in the majority of Americans concerned with the actions by a minority of more radical but highly mobilized group of citizens calling for forcible overtake of democratically elected government. This is our #1 threat, a real tangible threat after the recent attack on the U.S. capitol building last month and the successful coup by a minority in Myanmar yesterday.

My 2021-2022 political activism strategy in a nutshell:
Here in the United States, minority rule by a radical fringe can only harm us over the long term through three major mechanisms: voter suppression, gerrymandering, and hidden political financing. That’s why I am committed to these four major initiatives:

1) supporting voter registration efforts,

2) secure accountable and traceable written ballot election systems,

3) election or appointment of good judges endorsed by the Bar Association, and

4) using new legislation to overturn the harmful SCOTUS decision in Citizens United and begin to address regulation of the massive new uncharted resources of big data.

This will guide my volunteer efforts (as accountant for nonprofits or campaigns) and my own modest financial contributions.