The cheapest, easiest accounting system

With all of the amazing features of online accounting systems offered at price of $10 per month*, it is difficult to understand why some people prefer to continue using paper log books or spreadsheets for their accounting records.

Yet I have several clients who keep records on spreadsheets. This works well for small businesses with few transactions. This downloadable accountinator-spreadsheet-v2.01 by Accountinator Mark Holzberg is easy to use and teaches the basic principle of reconciling transactions as you go along. If you can use Excel, you’ll have no trouble with this accounting tool.

The columns can be renamed to fit your business chart of accounts. If I can help with any other details, please let me know.

*Intuit is still the market leader and as of this date they are offering wholesale pricing of their basic small business software platform fot a permanent price of $10 per month.


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