NJ tax lien sale certificate class action settlement oddity

I am posting the content of this letter for whatever it may be worth. I have no further information on the matter but I simply suspect that others may be affected.


February 24, 2016

NJ Tax Sales Certificates Antitrust Litigation

c/o Gilardi & Co. LLC

P.O. Box 808061

Petaluma CA 94975-8061

RE: In Re New Jersey Tax Sale Certificates Antitrust Litig., 3:12-CV-01893-MAS-TJB


Dear Gilardi & Co. LLC:

I received a post card notice from your firm presumably sent as a required communication to Members of the Class Action in the legal matter listed above. The post card refers readers to a website listed as www.njtaxlicnsettlements.com. The domain name is printed five times on the postcard, all with this exact spelling.

There is no web site as described at this domain. I expect that this might be a misprint of the domain name and, if so, I wonder if this postcard fulfills the intended legal purpose.


Tony Novak


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