The Tax Savings Blog is moving toward podcast format

I’ve toyed with “multi-media” formats for several years, not really knowing what this term means, what my goals are, and how to make a plan to get there. The NJCPA offered their studio and produced a few segments and I’ve tried Facebook Live, YouTube and Vimeo. This week I’m moving forward with podcasting with more focus, clarity and community support.

Why the podcast format for me? Quite simply, I think that people looking for online tax tips can digest and understand a few strongly worded spoken sentences more easily than a few written paragraphs. I don’t think people really ‘read’ anymore but rather they skim over blog posts. That can be a problem in the field of tax advice because it leads to incomplete communication. Podcast is better than video (Youtube or Facebook Live) for my purposes because who wants to look at a talking head of a tax advisor?! Having only the audio reduces distraction and allows users to focus on the message.

The format of my podcast will be short (probably 2-4 minute) strongly worded bits of summary tax advice geared primarily toward self-employed professionals and business owners (who make up the core of the market for tax planning anyway even though tax law applies equally to all of us). My first podcast in this new format was recorded last night and is posted here.

I want to thank Sara Rosenberg and Ashley Owens- especially Sara my long time all-around most-trusted business adviser, for the advice and push in this direction. The Successfully Screwed Podcast is something that strikes ‘near and dear’ as my track record of learning business lessons the hard way is second to none. Check out their podcast if you can and if you are doing business in the Philadelphia region, you are simply cheating yourself if you don’t get to know Sara and Ashley’s powerful business networks.


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