Millville CPA Announces $50,000 in Free Accounting Support to Community

Tony Novak CPA is pleased to announce exciting changes to nonprofit and micro-business accounting services for 2022. We all know that 2021 was a year that triggered us to reevaluate our internal business practices and adapt to cope with the new realities of the business world. This past year our firm was overwhelmed with the need for nonprofit support services as well as requests for help from individuals and business people who would not normally seek the help of a CPA. We recognize that the needs for support will continue to exceed the ability of everyone to pay for support services.

Going forward, we will no longer offer free or heavily discounted services as a community support effort directly to nonprofit organizations, individuals and micro businesses.

Instead, we will donate accounting services valued at up to $4,000 per month through Raising Nonprofits, a 501(c )(3) charity. In return, Raising Nonprofits will serve as the support program manger to make these services available to individuals, businesses and nonprofit organizations who need the support of a CPA at a level beyond their immediately available cash resources.

In addition, Novak will offer up to $2,000 of mini-consults over the year in advisory or coaching support to other accountants in specific environmental, social and governance areas of practice management.

All services will be offered on a ‘first come’ basis and overload requests will be eligible for fulfillment in the next month. Users and other supporters who can afford to pay for these services are encouraged to contribute to Raising Nonprofits and these contributions will, in turn, increase the total amount of services available to others through this program. This system eliminates the problem of pricing pressure while limiting the firm’s burden to a manageable contribution on a fixed monthly budget.

Examples of community members who may be eligible for this service:

  • Community activists who want to start a nonprofit organization
  • Candidates for elected office who want campaign committee treasurer services
  • Nonprofits seeking help with ESG policies and grant applications
  • Individuals targeted by IRS for automated collection actions
  • Micro businesses suffering from cash flow and tax problems related to the pandemic

(This is not meant to be an exclusive list. All applications will be considered but services will be provided only where the engagement meets all professional service standards).

The average cost of resolving a typical tax dispute or handling a typical small business accounting issue now exceeds $5,000 in many or most of the cases that we see. Unfortunately many individuals, nonprofits and small businesses with incomes in the range of lower 80% of the population cannot afford or justify this expense. While we cannot solve the entire larger issue of widening societal financial mismatch, we are pleased to address and solve at least $50,000 of these problems this coming year.


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