U.S. Leader Admits Government’s Financial Crimes

The government has lied to you and they’ve stolen from you” – NJ Governor Chris Christie, former Chairman of the Republican Governors Association, talking about entitlements like Medicare and Social Security during the nationally televised presidential debate in Boulder, Colorado on 10/28/2015 .

This is likely as close to an official admission of institutionalized crime and systematic corruption from such a high level national political insider as we have ever heard. I’m sure some will back-peddle and point out that this comment was made in the spirit of campaign talk. Yet such a strong worded statement coming from such an influential national figure, especially a person who has a background as a U.S. prosecutor, should serve as a warning to U.S. citizens. In the simplest terms, we’ve all become victims of a federally sanctioned Ponzi scheme by being forced to invest into a system that has no assets and cannot possibly afford to fulfill the promises made.

Christie is quick to point out that there is an easy and ready solution: raise the eligibility age so that most people die before accessing benefits. He is right. Death has an incredible way of taking away our will to fight against a government that has lied and stolen from its workers.

The message – and the real reason for my post – is that it would be foolish for any of us to base our retirement plans on an expectation of government provided benefits.


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