Unwanted robo calls from TripAdvisor

I’ve received and blocked so many unwanted robo calls from TripAdvisor and others recently that it seems unrealistic that they could possibly be calling from so many different numbers. I’ve likely blocked close to 50 numbers based on calls in the past two months; almost one per day.

I decided that beginning today I will record and publish this unwanted call log noting the time and type of call (in hopes that the negative publicity solves the problem sooner). Also, I want to see if the numbers I block are rally blocked from calling again. Also, I stopped taking calls from the NJ business office and sent them to another manager so these calls are only coming in to my business line.

2/1/2018 11:35 AM  from 856-479-9573 TripAdvisor

3:22 PM 856-212-1922 Hearing administrator

8:31 PM (507) 366-9848 Recorded line


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