US playing catch-up in small business crowdfunding

Other counties are still ahead of the US in small business crowdfunding. In the first half of 2016 Netherland alone, for example, raised almost $100 million (US) capital for over 700 purposes including small and medium sized businesses, social projects, creative projects and consumer lending. The majority of the capital raised went to small business lending in amounts that averaged $100,000 (US). The nation’s 2016 crowdfunding is running at three times the pace of 2015. This data comes from Douw&Koren crowdfunding agency.

The US is just getting started in small business crowdfunding with only about 50 small businesses issuing equity crowdfunding as of the end of June 2016, according to the SEC, although that total does not include small business lending through crowdfunding.

The field is expanding rapidly and I would be pleased to discuss how small business equity crowdfunding might fit into your business future.

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