Top 10 things for a Philly native to do during the DNC

Top 10 things for a Philly native to do during the DNC:

  1. Be really careful about timing travel through the city.
  2. Use a traffic-enabled GPS before even getting into the car.
  3. Buy a drink at 3:30AM just because you can.
  4. Watch out for those wide Humvees with roof-mounted machine guns on the Schuylkill expressway.
  5. Listen for unusual mid-western accents and practice mimicking them. But don’t let them hear you doing it because we want to be good hosts.
  6. Direct conventioneers on the street to Woody’s (one of the places serving drinks until 4AM) as a good place to unwind without giving them a head’s up about the bar’s gender preference reputation.
  7. Take a selfie at a protest so that you can tell your grandkids you were there and your story is more credible than those you’ve heard about the 1968 DNC in Chicago. After all, how many of my 60-something Jewish professional friends could possibly have really been in jail with the Chicago 8?
  8. Walk the Ben  Franklin Bridge in a show of solidarity Monday morning if you can find a place to park anywhere nearby and the temperature is below 90 degrees.
  9. Tell everyone who will listen how disappointed you are with the DNC’s wimpy party platform positions.
  10. Bag the first 9 and just stay out of the city until next weekend.


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