We are all sinners and we are all criminals

It is interesting to note how we are so willing to admit violations of God’s laws (and admit that we are all sinners) and yet so unwilling to admit violating man’s laws (and admit that we are criminals). Yet every one of us, as far as I can see, is guilty of violating at least some law or another and could, in theory, be charged with some violation of the law.

I spent some time on a professional social media website this week explaining that I consider it a right and an obligation to speak out and participate in peaceful protest of those laws which I feel would not be upheld by the courts on challenge. I’ve been particularly active on issues involving the balance between business and environment. Dealing with the growing number of business issues related to sea level rise in my community alone often puts me in conflicted legal positions. I’m certainly not the first or only person who won’t abide by a law that would not be enforceable if challenged.

Yet that fearless stance and admission of legal violation comes with risks and consequences that I must accept: occasional political harassment, unfair fines, increased tax audits, being blacklisted from a speakers list, even a death threat that resulted in an indictment for conspiracy for attempted manslaughter, and even down to silly things like being denied local trash services.

Yet despite all this, I conclude that this stance is the only way for me to live.


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