What’s up with QuickBooks?

Intuit Corporation’s QuickBooks product is easily the most popular small business accounting platform in the nation. This popularity carries through to my law firm market niche where most use some type of QuickBooks platform to connect various components of financial management. Most of these users are converting from older desktop software to more modern hosted software platforms.

Recently Intuit announced changes to its online service that included the addition or expansion of internal software limits. We just learned of the change on Monday and noticed its impact in the form of warning messages yesterday. The changes only affect potential future pricing, not functionality. There is no indication of any loss of functionality or performance.

However, the way these changes were introduced left many clients and accountants – including me – with questions. I am a certified QuickBooks Online Proadvisor committed to offering the best experience with this market-leading technology.

This weekend my bookkeepers and I – along with many other Proadvisors connected online throughout the nation – are working on addressing these open questions for our business clients.

Please stay tuned!


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