Why I’m proud of our election security

I am pleased to serve as a certified New Jersey election campaign treasurer and feel confident in our systems after having taken the time to understand the many election security measures used in our local communities to make our elections secure. The possibility of mass election fraud practically impossible.

In our country, any attempt at election fraud that is big enough to matter in the election result is also big enough to leave data and a statistical fingerprint of irregularity that certainly means that it will be caught. It is always caught. It is easily caught. It is quickly caught.

Let’s be clear:
1) Attempts to regulate voting beyond this type of well proven fraud control are voter suppression, not security.
2) Techniques like examination of ballots with infra-red lights is insanity, not an audit technique. Wild imagined risks are not real fraud risks.
3) The last U.S incident of significant voter fraud of this type was in 2018 in North Carolina and it was easily spotted and the Republican candidate prosecuted for election fraud.
4) Our elections are secure but our democratic process based on fair elections is at severe risk. Our own politicians pose a much greater risk than those who may attemp to fraudulently alter voting.
5) Republican politicians have passed state laws that allow them to overrule popular election results when they disagree with the outcome.
6) At this point the fate of our democracy now hangs in the outcome of future court challenges to Republican attempts to override the popular vote.