Year end tax planning referral marketing message

This is the first referral marketing message that I’ve used, thanks to help from Sara and others. Comments and feedback are welcome. I expect to send this to about 100 people where I have attempted to refer business this year or have otherwise developed some business relationship.
“At this time of the year I am focused on helping small business owners avoid unnecessary taxes. This year the stakes are especially high because tens of thousands of small businesses are suddenly subject to the new excise taxes included in the Affordable Care Act implemented as Internal Revenue Code 4980D. Simple employee health benefit plans that were permitted last year now cost the employer an extra $100 per employee per day on the 2015 tax return! I notice that most accountants have not discussed these tax planning issues with their clients and may be unfamiliar with the penalty provisions in the new health benefit laws. So if you know of anyone who might benefit from a tax planning review, I offer an initial telephone consultation without change and in-depth services under an arrangement that works for any sized firm. For more information, please see my web site at


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