Another lesson on why you can’t believe what you read on the Internet

A few days ago I wrote about the danger of incorrect or out-of-date information on the internet at

Here is another example of why we can’t believe everything on the internet:

A woman from Florida called tonight asking for help with finding a Celtic Insurance agent for health insurance. I explained that Celtic no longer offers individual medical insurance. I said that Celtic’s web site was still online but did not actually offer any insurance. She didn’t seem to get it and said that is says right here on the Internet and proceeded to quote one of my old articles about Celtic Insurance offering the lowest priced individual health insurance in Florida. I explained that I wrote that content in the 1990s. Again she asked how she can find an Celtic Insurance agent in Florida. I finally just said sorry I could not help.

Afterward, I went back to Freedom Benefits Florida insurance page just to make sure it is up-to-date with regard to the Celtic Insurance issue.


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