Small business marketing strategy in 2015: customer-focused content

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This passage from “6 Small Business Trends To Watch Out For In 2015” in Forbes: Content Will Be King Content marketing isn’t a new concept, but it will be more important than ever in 2015, particularly for small businesses with limited resources to spend on advertising and media relations. More small businesses will work with […]

What I learned this week ending 12/6/2014

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Local issues I learned that the weapon cache firepower of my South Jersey neighbors greatly exceeds the weapons cache of our local police forces. There was never much cause to think about this issue in the past but with all the talk about riots this week… It looks increasingly like something is not right with […]

estimating defined benefit contributions

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I was impressed by estimator for maximum defined benefit contribution. The proposal it generates is simple. The discussion that must accompany the planning for this type of strategy is not simple. I know most people who consider a new pension plan are largely unaware of the risks, cost and potential downsides. So A tool […]

Surprise announcement by DOL affects small business health care planning

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I didn’t see this one coming either: A small business employer who gives an employee money to help pay for the cost of Obamacare under any circumstances is considered to have set up an illegal group benefit plan that may trigger penalties under the Affordable Care Act. The warning is titled “FAQs about Affordable Care […]

Tax planning engagement letter for individual clients (revised)

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Update in September 2015: I am no longer using this letter. The new version is shorter, more segmented, and is in a format intended to be delivered by email and not on paper or PDF. The collaboration section is now simplified and changed. I am working on updating and expanding my tax planning engagement letter for […]

Dealing with a new Freedom Benefits trademark scam

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Internet scams are nothing new. We face all kinds today. Successful business brands face a unique type of scamming from people who want to capitalize from the good will and organic web traffic that a popular business or product name generates. Each year I find the need to defend against a handful of these problems. Some […]

Americans are baffled by health insurance elections

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149 million people representing 55% of working Americans are covered by employer sponsored health insurance plans. Yet the large majority have no access to advice or information other than provided by the employer, the company selling the insurance or the company handling the enrollment. As a result, many employees choose inefficient coverage options and a significant number elect […]

Rolling back the clock to reconsider a financial mistake: the Sandy recovery saga of Money Island Marina

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This past weekend we rolled back our clocks by an hour.  The concept triggered me to wish I that I could roll back my own clock by two years. On this weekend, two years ago, the residents of New Jersey’s Delaware Bay shores faced substantial damage to our homes and businesses from Sandy storm that […]

Avoid C corporations with high tax rates

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U.S. corporate income tax rates are the highest in the world. Most incorporated businesses pay 35% before their owners ever see a dollar of return on investment. The morale of the story for small business owners: consider using a regular corporate form (called a “C corporation”) for other planning business purposes but tax strategy is usually […]