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Small business Health Reimbursement Arrangement setup and support services

I offer three levels of service for self-directed small business Health Reimbursement Arrangements. This applies to either of the two types of HRAs available to small firms in 2017.

BASIC SETUP: For a basic fee of $150:

  • Design of an HRA plan through an in-person interview
  • answer questions by the employer and accountant
  • Recommend sample documents for limited use

(estimated at 30 minutes total time)

ADVISORY: For an additional fee of $150:

  • Basic services plus support to the employer and employees throughout the plan year

(estimated at an additional total 30 minutes time)

CLAIMS ADMINISTRATION: For an additional fee of $8 per employee per month:

  • Basic and Advisory services plus claims administration and preparation of summary report to the payroll administrator

Setup can usually be complete about a day after the design interview by telephone. Payment is expected in advance and scheduling is based on the order of payment.

Need more information? Please let me know how to reach you for a free consultation. I serve clients across the country by phone or Skype or can meet in person in the Philadelphia region. Your contact information is not shared with anyone.

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