Small business Health Reimbursement Arrangement setup and support services

I offer three levels of service for self-directed small business Health Reimbursement Arrangements. This applies to either of the two types of HRAs available to small firms in 2017.

BASIC SETUP: For a basic fee of $150:

  • Design of an HRA plan through an in-person interview
  • answer questions by the employer and accountant
  • Recommend sample documents for limited use

(estimated at 30 minutes total time)

ADVISORY: For an additional fee of $150:

  • Basic services plus support to the employer and employees throughout the plan year

(estimated at an additional total 30 minutes time)

CLAIMS ADMINISTRATION: For an additional fee of $8 per employee per month:

  • Basic and Advisory services plus claims administration and preparation of summary report to the payroll administrator

Setup can usually be complete about a day after the design interview by telephone. Payment is expected in advance and scheduling is based on the order of payment.

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2 responses to “Small business Health Reimbursement Arrangement setup and support services”

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