First look at the Republican health plan

I just finished skimming the 106 page discussion draft of the Republican health plan. I probably understand less that 5% of it but am able to make a few observations.

This draft is difficult to comprehend because of the many references to current sections of law. It will take awhile before a third party readable explanation is available in “plain English”.

It is clear that the “Continuous health insurance coverage incentive” is not an incentive but rather a 30% penalty for those who drop coverage. However, the penalty is so weak that if will not likely keep people enrolled.

As always, the devil is in the details. Many of the important details are not included in this draft.

The primary concerns of small businesses and self employed people are:

How will my net price of coverage change?

What choices will be available?

Will I be allowed to buy the type of coverage I want or no coverage at all?

More notes added March 6 are published here.

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