10 unconventional tips for replacing health insurance

Changing health insurance is a ritual part of changing jobs, graduating from school or starting your own business. Health insurance market reforms through the Affordable Care Act have not made the process any easier or less stressful. The simple questions “What are my insurance operations?” can still be addressed only with a complicated response. The complete response right now is even quite a bit more complicated than before health care reform took effect. Internet-based insurance exchanges now help make the pricing and enrollment part of the process easier but still leave many gaps in information that may be important. This article designed to help you find fast, affordable and reliable coverage by filling in gaps of information that is not typically shared by insurance enrollers.

My article at http://tonynovak.com/article/10-tips-for-replacing-health-insurance-coverage.htm is revised for the soon-to-be-open 2015 insurance exchanges.


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